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Dec 13, 2011 9:00am EST
responding. respondingg 3 3 p3 former ppnnnstatt foottall coach jerry sandusky has waived his right to a're looking live outside the courthouseewhhre sandusky waa supposed o ffcee &phis tennaccusers during the hearing today.many f them weee expected to testtfy gainst hhm.ed to testtfy him.the move was justt less than an hour ago.this video.. just intt ur newsroom.. showw andusky sandusky faces 50 chhrges f rape and mollstaaion in a child sex aause scandal... that involved ten alllged viccims. 695 is back open this morniig... after beinggshut down... by hundrrds oo rrckk that came ccashing down on moving cars. cars.this was the scene mooday. dented and s... happened on the innee loop of 695 in baltimmor county... right at the c-s-x &pestimated 155cars were damage can imagine... drivers were a - "all of a sudden i heard bang, glass came in at my face and my coat.""boom, thaa's exactly what happened it was loud." "scared mm a matter of trying to find a ssfe placc to stop." stop."state police arr still investigating what caussd the rocks to fall.while 6-95
Dec 12, 2011 9:00am EST
... and veteran oo the army. former ppnn state aasistant football coach jerry sandusky will appearrin court tomorrow morning.sandusky ffces 40 chargessof rape and polestation in a chill sex abuse scandal that involved eight alleged victims.thooe alleged victims are expected to testify at the preliminary hearinn. with just 9 ssconds to go... a collegg basketball gamm ends in an all ottbrawl. braal.((ffghting)) eight basketball players on - verbal jabs turned physicaa saturday night during the final seconns of a game betteee theeunivvrrity of cincinnati and xaviee.booh coaches wwre extrreely angry following the fight. (("amerrca saw aa ending to a basketball ggme that sickened a lot of us, ncluding me....has no &pplace in college athletics.")) (("i'm going to decideewho's on the team going forward. that's what the university of cincinnati's about. period. i told them, the way i feel right noww i've never beenn &pthis embarrasssd.")) pmbarrassed."))cinciinati's coach ppanssto make thh four before they're allowed back on plaaers from both teams ange 3 prom áone dayá tt six gaaes. 3&the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2